Demi and Her Story

We were having dinner with a group of famous artists, mostly men. The conversation turned to a sort of smack-down for art types. “If you don’t have the craftmanship, go big!” They all laughed. Later one worried that maybe he had inadvertently insulted a dear friend. It prompted a conversation between myself and my friend Lesli Mash, who was traveling with me. Since we both collected miniature things as children, the subject of small came up. I think in my own work, I like big, bold and showy. Partly because it makes a statement, but partly because the bigger the piece, the more room you have for self-expression. We decided that really, smaller is more difficult, because you have less room to work. The details have to be more impressive on a smaller scale. I gave it a shot. It’s interesting to me the way conversation can sometimes direct the muses. Or maybe that’s really ‘it’. Conversation IS a muse.
Demi means ‘divided in half’. Here is my wholehearted, half effort: Demi

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  1. Barbara Terrill says:

    I like your Demi approach but I personally like the big, bold and showy more….that’s me as well….just wanting to add a little more pizzazz??? that extra something??? accomplished demi with great finese..but keep on with the bold & showy!

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